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Flat 2, Ares Court, Homer Drive, Isle Of Dogs
E14 3UL London, UK
Mobile: 0044 (0)7480642265

Almanac Studio
41 Acre Ln,
SW2 5TN, London, UK

Viale Tirreno n. 29
95123 Catania – Italy
+39 0957142116

Via Grimaldi n.152
95121 Catania – Italy
+39 338/2203041

e-mail: giuseppelana2 @ gmail . com

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    Not yet

    tires, inner tube, barbell, 220x60x70 cm
    on view in the studio, Catania
    2011- ongoing


    There is nothing permanent except the change. The relationship between metamorphosis and contemporary is an action report and feedback that makes our system inform. The substantial changes in the cyclical nature of these series of events are the subject of interest of many artists. A testimony of this consequential influence comes to us through the work “Metamorphoses” of Ovid, the poem from which Giuseppe Lana triggers his reflection. Similarly to what happens in Ovid’s Metamorphoses, through a simultaneous process of deconstruction and construction of the object, Giuseppe Lana informs a body that is projected out by the capitalist logic, which cataloged it as obsolete because out of the production chain. Like a second skin that makes space under the old one, the work symbolizes something in happening and, at the same time, reopens a debate on a tissue considered dying, but still able to dispense memory. The tensions created from the body underlying, that tries to push the old layer away, in conflict with the upper layer that contains the unrelenting growth, contribute in creating an aberrant form of transaction that grotesquely takes shape. Through the metaphoric action of “Not Yet” the artist’s research is going to see the transition from the post-human society towards its derivative 2.0 society in which the web, said user friendly, becomes an extension of the body implementing the process of moving memory from physical / organic to digital. “Not Yet” also highlights new problems or concerns regarding the preservation of the memory in relation to the durability of the materials containing it, thus accelerating the process of metamorphosis.