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    “di sbieco…”

    “di sbieco…”
    (dicotomia del terzo escluso)
    Mercedes’ wheels, 60 x 170 x 340 cm
    view at the exhibition, ALL PLACES ARE TEMPORARY PLACES, Catania


    A “process” is complex transformations or transfers of matter, energy and information carried in a physical body, human mind / artificial. From the standpoint of “systemic”, a process is any change in the system, a transformation from one or more inputs yielding to one or more outputs.

    The “memory” has the function of keeping memories in mind, in writing, or in other forms.

    “Time” is the dimension in which we conceive and measure the passage of events. All events can be described in a time that may be past, present or future. The complexity of the concept has always been a subject of study and reflection.

    The term “body” can take on different meanings depending on the context in which it is used. The Body in philosophy is the subject or extended being in space and perceptible through the senses. The body functions as a set of complex dynamics.

    The “soul” is eternal and the spiritual part of a living being, commonly regarded as independent from the body, as distinct from the physical part. It is believed that the soul continues to live on after physical death. In some cultures it is said that objects have souls, a belief known as animism.