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    Four L-bar electro-mechanical barriers Nice,  m 5 x 1,20 x 5, public installation
    ÜberMauer_BAM: Biennale Arcipelago Mediterraneo, Piazza Magione, Palermo

    Courtesy the artist and Fondazione Merz


    Sicily, like all islands, carries both peculiarities and contradictions. Surrounded by the sea, this surface of land is a place of gathering and a somewhat remote dimension; autonomous, though victim of conquests since time immemorial; strong and fragile as its traditions and people; closed and open at the same time.

    Four mechanic barriers emphasise this concept of space. Placed one next to the other to form a square, with lowered beams they delineate a space, enclosing it. On the contrary, when the beams are lifted, they allow for free passage, abolishing any borders.

    The mechanic and automatic repetition of the barriers creates a tension, which highlights the issue of openness and closeness, hospitality and refusal; a debate that has always accompanied the history of mankind and that especially today is vivid and present in our society. Four mobile barriers therefore become a ring for a complex twist and exchange of ideas and opinions.


    CROSSOVER has been produced thanks to Fondazione Merz, Anna and Isidoro Mazza, Irene and Michele Collura.

    Acknowledgement: Beatrice Merz, Silvano Bertalot, Maria Centonze, Agata Polizzi, Giorgio Mega, Andrea Cusumano, team Fondazione Merz, team AS_impianti .

    Photo credits: Lisa Wade, Gero Cani, Fondazione Merz