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    billboards m 6×3, public installation
    Manifesta12, Palermo


    In such a particular historical moment, where both global and local play a crucial role at a social and economic level, where social media is strong and effective in its ephemerality, Lana chooses a vehicle that is ubiquitous and widely accessible: billboard poster design.

    On 9th July, Giuseppe Lana will place 4 posters on billboards around the city of Palermo. The billboards will feature a quote from Mussolini’s famous speech of 1935: ‘a nation of poets, of artists, of heroes, of saints, of thinkers, of scientists, of navigators, of migrants…’. the speech is featured on the top of the Palazzo dell Civilità (commonly known as the ‘square coliseum’, a fascist era building situated in South East Rome). In the work, entitled Square, Lana will reverse the nationalistic nature of the quote by having it written in four different languages of the mediterranean: Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish and Greek, each culture bearing historic testimony in Sicily.

    With identity and migration at the heart of an international debate; Lana views those involved in migration as among the most fragile and oppressed of contemporary society, caught in the cross-hairs of ideological and territorial conflicts – but whose strength also consists in being included amongst ‘poets, artists, heroes, saints, thinkers, scientists, navigators and transmigrators’ and therefore linked to the concept of multicultural belonging that crosses all geographical boundaries. In this way, the self-referential phrase of Mussolini is reinterpreted by the artist as shared history and universal responsability.

    The billboards are placed in Via Donizetti, Via Paternostro, Via Garzilli, Via Ernesto Basile and Via Nunzio Morello (on the corner of Via Notarbartolo)

    Square, a project of Politics of Dissonance, curated by Mike Watson, an official collateral event of Manifesta12.

    Square has been produced thanks to Andrea and Kirsty Maffioli, London.

    Acknowledgement: Mike Watson, Claudio Cocuzza, Emanuele Riccomi, Uriel Orlow, Mikhail Karikis, Bisan Hussam Abu Eisheh, Viviana Checchia, Filippos Tsitsopoulos, Sonia Arias Valtuille, Clara Madaro, Yael Moshe, Martina Pulvirenti, Muhammed Yuksel, Andrea and Kirsty Maffioli.

    Photo credits: Neroshooting, Lisa wade