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Flat 2, Ares Court, Homer Drive, Isle Of Dogs
E14 3UL London, UK
Mobile: 0044 (0)7480642265

Almanac Studio
41 Acre Ln,
SW2 5TN, London, UK

Viale Tirreno n. 29
95123 Catania – Italy
+39 0957142116

Via Grimaldi n.152
95121 Catania – Italy
+39 338/2203041

e-mail: giuseppelana2 @ gmail . com

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    DRON 3

    DRON 3
    Vintage fan, halogen heater, subwoofer 500w,
    view at the exhibition Person Less, Fondazione Sandretto Re Rebaudengo, Guarene (TO), Fondazione Brodbeck, Catania
    private collection Mazza, Catania


    Giuseppe Lana works with sound and installation, exploring causality, unrest and the unpredictability of events. In the installation DRON 5, an halogen heater provides the sole illumination within an otherwise darkened space. Situated on the floor, the heater is placed opposite an electric fan. Facing each other, these two quotidian appliances symbolize two opposing energies and forces, which square off in close proximity. An immersive environment of sound emerges from a subwoofer, which produces lumbering subsonic frequencies. Using simple electronics, Lana creates a system in which these frequencies are both emitted and affected in real time by the sounds made and interferences caused by the heater, the fan, and by each appliance’s effect on the other. All of these collide in feedback, creating a thick, impenetrable drone that is as ominous as harmonic.