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    Geographical emblemes – The Fitzrovia Gallery

    Geographical emblemes – The Fitzrovia Gallery
    2 September 2020 adddesign

    “In this exhibition, G.L and J.C create geographical gestures, with humor but with care, sensibility.

    They are continuously exploring South-type contemporary political configurations, which allows the dissolution of the hard lines of being, to transgress watertight compartments. I

    n other words, “self” and “everything else” is the same thing. “Everything else” including the land, the water, the air, the flora, the fauna, the human beings that connect with geographical distribution, and the spiritual forces of it.”

    Excerpt from Exhibition text by Araceli Gómez Castro


    139 Whitfield St, Bloomsbury, London

    W1T 5EN

    02-19 Sept 2020

    (Open by appointment only)

    Social distance opening 2nd Sept 6:30pm (Please, bring your mask)